A great way to start a public discussion is through If you do not have an account you can sign up for one. Reddit is not only free, it takes seconds to sign up and they do not require any personal information at all. They do not require your name, e-mail, age or anything else. You make up a username and a password and you have an account. You can even have more than one account, so if you forget your username or password it can be no big deal.

Start a Debate

You can submit a link to one of my web pages and start a debate on These links have generated a lot of traffic and discussion in the past. For example, you could submit web pages in the miracle, or science sections of this web site to

Religious debate is a major function of Reddit, but be warned it is a viciously anti-faith environment, and the unsophisticated faithful are well advised to stay away from it.

If you think you might be sophisticated enough, you might want to follow my activity. You can find it at this URL.

My user name is richleebruce, the same as the URL for this web site. As far as I know richleebruce is always me on the Internet.

You might also find others of your faith tradition and follow them.

You can copy the above URLs and paste them into the URL box at the top of the browser. I did not set up links so the unsophisticated and unwary would not stumble into the lion's den, of a Reddit religious debate site.

I would love to know if you submitted one of my pages to Reddit. If you inform me of your submission, I could respond, and we might get a fine discussion going.

Debating religion is a major function of Reddit, but I also find that it is a great place to ask questions, and of course find videos, games, memes, jokes, etc.

Robots Attacking?

This page has been up for a year or so and in the last few days was averaging 20 hits a day. So what is the result, well nothing. I guess the visitors might be robots, but I am a little unclear why that would be.

Private Messages

To send a private message to me you can e-mail me at rich at, that way I will usually reply. But you can also send me a private message on Reddit.

To return to my contact page close this tab. To return to the page where you were before that, close the tab for this page, and the one for the contact page.